5 Conclusions

We have developed a real-time measuring instrument for airgap flux distribution of the on-load synchronous generator by using microprocessors. In the following, let us summarize the results obtained from this study:

(a) If we can install search coils and the d-axis pickup in a synchronous generator, we are to be able to look directly at the behaviour of airgap flux distribution of the on-load synchronous generator in real time with this instrument. Of course, it is not very difficult to install these in any synchronous generator. Further, it is easy to modify the constitution of this instrument, for example, the number of ADCs or the number of samplings, according to the structure of the generator. As a result, its on-load behaviour will be clarified.

(b) We can make this instrument easily at a low price and can extend its functions because it consists of commonly-used components. There will be various applications of this instrument. We intend to apply it as a stabilizing controller of synchronous generators.

(c) It is possible to calculate more at 60 Hz as the submicroprocessor uses only one-third of its capacity. Therefore, we can add some calculations or functions to this instrument.

From now on, we are planning to develop the stabilizing control system of a synchronous generator by adopting airgap flux based on the fruits of this measuring instrument.
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